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Lucas struggled when he was picked up and then relaxed. They were just going to see Mommy.

It felt funny when they went from one place to the next one. He could smell Mommy now. She didn’t smell right, but it was her. [Mommy!]

He struggled until he was let go and then ran as fast as he could as soon as he could. [Mommy! I miss you! Why you no come back?]

The Growlithe curled up by the witch’s side, too excited to find her to realize.

Too happy to notice the strange twisting of her body.

The broken bits of broom scattered on the ground around her.

It wouldn’t be long now though.

The strange thing about the corpse was how well it was preserved for being in the open a week.

Lou followed the dog-like creature with his eyes. He was a bit surprised not to have heard any exclamations from the green beauty. Something along the lines of, “Lucas! Where have you been? I’ve been worried.” And maybe adding in, “What have you been doing with him Lou?” Were a few guesses to his limited imagination. 

When his eyes fell upon the lifeless body he froze. His grin fell to an old indifference he wore when his grin felt it had no place upon his features. How could he have not realized sooner he wondered. Then he noticed her soul was still hanging about. That was why he could find her, she refused to leave, allowing herself to start turning into a ghost. 

"Lucas." Lou called softly. 

Lucas looked up when he heard his name. Something was wrong. He didn’t know what it was. He was just starting to realize something was wrong.

[Why Mommy so cold?] Even if she was sleeping, she was never this cold when it was so nice out.

He breathed some fire by Mommy’s hands.

Lou thought back as to how so many adults would tell children how a loved one passed away. He had been to many funerals and seen many deaths, so it was easy to remember. It was usually subtle and kind. Bring death down to a simple sleep or better place.

"She’s dead kiddo." Lou was never good on subtle though. 

"Now what ever brings a kiddo like you over to my door?" Lou asked with his usual wide grin.




Imagine getting a detailed handsewn plushie of your favorite character in the mail one day from a mysterious sender, and whenever you’re in danger or distress the plushie turns into a flesh-and-blood version of your character to protect and comfort you


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Jessica tilted her head to examine the papers. Her face grew perplexed but she still shrugged.

This journey o’ yours will take about a fortnight. Not to bad at all! I can certainly take ye where ya need to go but, ya do know there’s a storm comin’…

And she was right. The men in the port were not willing to sail with Lou mainly for that reason. This was a bad one; bad enough for some of the ships to avoid sailing North East for the next couple of days.

Tropical storm-  We’ll be sailin’ right towards it. Should clear up in a few days an’ we should be fine but, you sure you don’t want to wait about a week?

Lou made a sour face at the mention of storm. As if going out to sea wasn’t bad enough, now he had to wait through a storm first. he grinned his usual grin a moment later.

"If that’s what you recommend. Trust the captain." He gave a quick bow, frowning once more when she couldn’t see. Oh how he hated water. When he rose, with his usual grin, he couldn’t help adding, "But the item is very important to me, I need as soon as possible. You sure this storm will be over in a week?"

Pretty sure…

But alas; unknown to both the captain and Mr. Faust, the storm would last a little longer than that…

An’ in the meantime ya could stay on me island. Or do ya have a hotel room here in port?

Lou made a sour face for a moment, at the word island. Though it was not like he had much choice. If he were to stay out of the storm. The people about town had started to become familiar with him. He had been there for quite some time, when he still had his book. “Nope. No room or dry place to stay.” He grinned again.

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"I’m afraid this tent is closed to the public, mon ami" Esmeralda called out, a slight smirk curving her lips upwards as she faced her back to whomever had entered her tent,  eyes closed as her hands roamed her hair, pulling at the golden coloured tiara entangled in her raven locks. Gently prying the tiara out, she sighed, opening her eyes. It had been a long performance, and already three other people had wandered inside after it, lost and looking for the fortune tellers. And another two, guards trying to catch her in the act of doing something to take her in for. 

Lou shrugged with his usual wide grin. “I don’t usually call myself ‘public’.” He chuckled as he looked back. Lou had been aimlessly wandering about when he started going into tents. Not all of which were occupied. “I don’t think I’ve been mon ami before either. Maybe I should introduce myself?” 


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"Where were you?"





"Off doing business." He grinned.

Elphaba tried to look at Lou’s book to see the promise he had written there, but couldn’t see the pages from where she was sitting. She held up a hand to silently ask for permission to look.

Lou turned the book around for her to read. 

Since the book was only turned around, and not held out, Elphaba didn’t make a move to grab it. She did read it from where she sat, and was pleased by what she saw.

Then she laughed a little when she realized something. “After the first time I met you, I would have been happy to never see you again. Now I’ve made you promise to spend time with me more often. How things change.”

He grinned widely. “Isn’t it nice?” One of the things he enjoyed about time was that it was sure to see things change. “First impressions. Ah, good times.” Lou chuckled. 

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"I did a bad thing."



Christine looked down at Lou’s bloody hands in horror ,her eye’s growing wide, and she took a step back.

Lou — what have you d o n e?"

she looked down, and then back up at him, watching his grey eyes, those eyes which have once glowed with kindness and adoration, now had the bleak look of shock and guilt

Please, darling, come with me. I’ll clean you up and…we’ll…get this matter sorted out"

"I think I killed someone." He told her without much concern and his usual grin still about his face. His gloves were covered in the blood of the victim, whom he had left behind before visiting Christine. Lou figured a bloody body might frighten her. 

He did as she said and followed her, pausing a moment as he took in what she said. “With… water?”





*After so much time of not seeing her friend, Ghosty decides to greet the demon with a shy kiss on his cheek, mumbling a tiny “Hi” to him.*

She tilted her head at Mephisto’s pause and tried to help him find the word, in case he had missed it on his thoughts.

"More human?"

But he had mentioned  a god too…

"Or god?"

Lou shrugged. “I don’t know. His mother is a demigod… I think.” He paused to think, offering an overly dramatic pout to it. “I don’t really know what she is, except immortal and related to a Norse myth.”

"But…" There was something Ghosty couldn’t quite put together. "But if she’s the mo-mother… You’ve never asked her?" Ghosty wasn’t an expert about it, but she used to think people had babies with a person they knew well. Mister Faust’s doubt confused her about it.

"Nope." He shrugged, still grinning. "It happened rather suddenly. I suppose that’s how magic works." 

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Lou laughed, amused by his reply. “Better than being older than dust or BEING dust. I can be smoke for a quick bit.”

{D}~ “Oh really? Sounds just as likely s the rest of it,” he smiled and folded his arms across his chest.

"I can show you, if you want to see?" Lou enjoyed showing off, again for the reactions.