30 Days of Character Development

23.) Is your character superstitious?

Not really. Unless you count ghosts and demons. But for things like bad luck and black cats. No.

30 Days of Character Development

22.) If your character could time travel, where would they go?

Probably back to the Dark Ages. A lot of things happened in that time period for him. 

30 Days of Character Development

21.) What would your character’s  cutie mark be?

I’m going to cheat and just give you a picture of Lou as a pony. ‘Cause I have Lou as a pony. XD

The only thing missing is the bell on his collar and his hat. But yes, the cutie mark would be his Book of Souls.




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"Where were you?"





"Off doing business." He grinned.

"That depends on what you want in exchange. Besides, I only need to make sure that I’ll be able to find you and Fia when Lucas and Aiden want to play with her."

Lou grinned his usual grin. “No deal, I can make promises without something in exchange and keep them.” He grinned even wider, remembering a promise long ago.

"How do I know you’ll keep the promise?"

"I’ll write it down." Lou pulled out his book and with his other free gloved hand pulled the feathered pen from his hat. "That way it’s a promise I will keep."








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Lou welcomes his guests.


"Yes," he looked ‘over his nose’ at Mephistopheles. “And sardonics can become quite a tedious thing indeed. You ethereal personages are most always quite literal,” he said with an incredulous and despairing scowl.  West brushed past Lou’s shoulder, stepped into the parlour; he paced a moment, examined the many odds and ends in the demon’s wares and after finding one jar of a particular interest, he held it towards the light with one hand and placed his other into his pocket as comfortably as he might at home. “I’d venture to say a ‘fallen angel’ [pause] more than any person, needs an alias to dilute such a theological mouthful.”

Lou grinned a little more, being literal was have the fun. Even more so to those who did not pay attention to all the little details. He followed him inside, impressed how easily he found his way around. Then again his house was not very large and easy to navigate.

"Oh feel free to call me a demon, there really is little difference between the two. Fallen angel is more a preference to make other feel safer." He shrugged, still grinning. "I thought it was a rather amusing title too, don’t you think?" Lou gestured to the book on display of the opera Faust.

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*After so much time of not seeing her friend, Ghosty decides to greet the demon with a shy kiss on his cheek, mumbling a tiny “Hi” to him.*

"Newborn? He… Just born?" Ghosty had seen babies, but never newborn ones. "Is he small?" She put two hands to show off the height of a baby, but much more bigger than a newborn.

Lou chuckled lightly. He took her hands in his gloved ones, adjusting the size to the correct size of the baby. “That small.” 

Her eyes widened in surprise. Was this normal? He was too small!

"I-Is he a human?" She asked, still not putting down her hands. "O-or is he a demon, like you?" Maybe demons were smaller…

He opened his mouth to answer but closed it again. “I think… he’s human.” Lou shrugged. “He’s certainly not a demon, kid’s got a soul. But he’s also… I suppose what you may call a demigod?” 

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